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Please review the Eligibility Criteria listed below prior to registering for this SCG-sponsored online course.

The Ultimate Guide to Benchmarking takes a “create your own adventure” approach to teaching both building owners and the professionals who serve them how to use ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. 

Are you a building owner interested in benchmarking your property’s energy performance?  A manager or solutions provider focused on identifying buildings most in need of efficiency improvements? A broker who needs to know how new benchmarking mandates affect whole-building sales, leases, financing, and refinancing?  

This online/on-demand training system will provide you with the level of detail you need in a convenient and time-efficient manner.  You can experience one or two modules to gain awareness.  You can focus on the module(s) that relate to your particular property type(s).  Or you can view every module and become the benchmarking maven in your own organization or even begin offering benchmarking services for a fee.

The Ultimate Guide to Benchmarking is comprised of a series of short training modules, each of which addresses a specific topic related to benchmarking. 

  • Why should you benchmark?
  • And if you do, why should you use ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager online tool? 
  • Which territories and types of transactions now require energy performance disclosures? 
  • Which data points do you need to benchmark a building? 
  • How do you establish your Portfolio Manager account? 
  • How do you enter a property into the tool? 
  • How about the energy data?  
  • How do you authorize your utility or other service provider to upload your meter data to Portfolio Manager on your behalf?  
  • How do you set baselines and targets to help with goal-setting and progress-tracking?
  • How do you generate reports…or share building data with others? 

You’ll find the answer to each of these questions (and many more) by selecting the appropriate module and viewing a short presentation.  Many modules also feature links for downloading supporting resources.

The Ultimate Guide to Benchmarking is by far the most convenient way to learn how to benchmark your building. Log on whenever your schedule allows. Explore individual modules that pertain to your situation.  Focus on the building type(s) that are most relevant to you.  Pause, rewind, and re-watch as necessary.  You can even view this resource on an iPad, iPhone or other device to provide step-by-step guidance as you use your own computer to enter your building into Portfolio Manager. 

Moreover, your registration for the Ultimate Guide also includes access to our team of benchmarking experts – providing you with one-on-one technical assistance at no cost to help ensure the success of your benchmarking efforts.

You cannot manage what you do not measure. Benchmarking your building’s energy performance is the first step to understanding and reducing its energy consumption and costs.  With California’s AB 1103 and the City of San Francisco’s Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance now requiring energy performance disclosures for certain buildings, there’s never been a better time to learn how to benchmark using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.  And with the new Ultimate Guide to Benchmarking, there’s never been a more comprehensive or convenient way to do so! 


*Available as part of phase 2
1.0 Quick Start Guide

  • 1.1 What Level of Detail Do You Need to Know?
  • 1.2 How Does This Online Training Work?*
  • 1.3 Site Map*
  • 1.4 Suggested Viewing Order*

    2.0 Why Benchmark?

    • 2.1 Measuring What You Manage
    • 2.2 Benchmarking Interest Across the U.S.
    • 2.3 Benchmarking and CA AB 1103
    • 2.4 Benchmarking and San Francisco
    • 2.5 Building Your Business

      3.0 Portfolio Manager  FUNDAMENTALS

      • 3.1 Why Portfolio Manager?
      • 3.2 Space Types Eligible for Benchmarking*
      • 3.3 Data Needed to Benchmark
      • 3.4 Navigating in Portfolio Manager*
      • 3.5 Establishing a Portfolio Manager Account
      • 3.6 Adding Property Details Manually
      • 3.7 Adding Property Details Via Spreadsheet Upload
      • 3.8 Adding Energy Data Manually
      • 3.9 Adding Energy Data via Spreadsheet Upload
      • 3.10 Adding Energy Data via Web Services*
      • 3.11 Benchmarking a Building in Design
      • 3.12 Entering a Campus of Buildings*
      • 3.13 Tracking Water Consumption*

        4.0 Portfolio Manager RATABLE SPACE TYPES

        • 4.1 Bank Branch*
        • 4.2 Barracks*
        • 4.3 Courthouse*
        • 4.4 Data Center*
        • 4.5 Distribution Center*
        • 4.6 Financial Office*
        • 4.7 Hospital*
        • 4.8 Hotel*
        • 4.9 House of Worship*
        • 4.10 K-12 Schools*
        • 4.11 Medical Office*
        • 4.12 Multi-Family*
        • 4.13 Office*
        • 4.14 Residence Hall / Dormitory*
        • 4.15 Retail Store*
        • 4.16 Senior Care Facility*
        • 4.17 Supermarket / Grocery*
        • 4.18 Warehouse (Non-Refrigerated)*
        • 4.19 Warehouse (Refrigerated)*
        • 4.20 Wastewater Treatment Plant*
        • 4.21 Wholesale Club / Supercenter*

          5.0 Portfolio Manager BASELINES, TARGETS, AND MORE

          • 5.1 Understanding Source vs. Site Energy*
          • 5.2 Entering the Correct Square Footage*
          • 5.3 Accounting for Vacancy*
          • 5.4 Understanding Meters*
          • 5.5 Entering On-Site Solar or Wind Energy*
          • 5.6 Editing Property Details
          • 5.7 Setting Baselines*
          • 5.8 Setting Targets
          • 5.9 Entering Contacts*
          • 5.10 Sharing a Property
          • 5.11 Transferring a Property*
          • 5.12 Using the Data Quality Checker*
          • 5.13 Guidance for Licensed Building Professionals*
          • 5.14 Applying for the ENERGY STAR Label*
          • 5.15 Registry of Labeled Buildings*

            6.0 Portfolio Manager REPORTING

            • 6.1 Generating Performance Reports
            • 6.2 Using Performance Results*
            • 6.3 Generating Standard Reports*
            • 6.4 Generating Custom Reports*
            • 6.5 Using the Sustainable Building Checklist*
            • 6.6 Third-Party Certifications*
            • 6.7 Generating a Data Request*
            • 6.8 Responding to a Data Request*
            • 6.9 Downloading a Building or Entire Portfolio

              7.0 Portfolio Manager TROUBLESHOOTING

              • 7.1 Error Message*
              • 7.2 Troubleshooting Tips*
              • 7.3 Known Issues*

                8.0 Portfolio Manager WHAT'S NEW

                • 8.1 Recent Developments*
                • 8.2 Upcoming Developments*

                  9.0 Portfolio Manager FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS*

                  10.0 SCG Benchmarking Support

                  ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA:

                  Southern California Gas Company has engaged EEFG, Inc. to provide online/on-demand training on ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® and related topics, as well as one-on-one technical support, to the following eligible stakeholders:

                  • Customers of Southern California Gas Company
                  • Professionals working in support of Southern California Gas Company or its customers (e.g., a consultant helping a Southern California Gas Company customer with their utility bills, benchmarking, or other efficiency initiatives)

                  If you are not eligible for these services because you are neither a customer of Southern California Gas Company, nor a professional working in support of Southern California Gas Company or its customers, please visit to see if you qualify to receive benchmarking training and/or support from another sponsoring utility.  Ineligible parties accessing this sponsored course will be invoiced the full price of $249. If you have any questions, or if you are in need of one-on-one benchmarking technical support, please contact EEFG, Inc. DBA Selling Energy at 

                  Registration is for a license to use these course materials on a PER-PERSON basis for one year.  Access by unlicensed registrants is strictly prohibited.  As the licensed registrant for this training, you are accountable for any illegal distribution of course content including sharing your log-on information with others, group viewing, posting copies of this material on the Internet or on a company server or intranet, and any other form of unauthorized sharing. All training materials are covered by U.S. Copyright law and under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

                  The name ENERGY STAR, the ENERGY STAR mark, the name Portfolio Manager, and the Portfolio Manager logo are all registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



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