Cyber Rules: Strategies for Excelling at E-Business


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By: Thomas Siebel

The Internet is driving the growth of a revolutionary commercial paradigm in which size and physical location are surrendering to "virtuality," and in which businesses are facing unprecedented marketing challenges.
With the meteoric rise of the World Wide Web, no manager can afford to be indifferent to this technological revolution, for the Web has dramatically--and globally--expanded customer options, putting uniquely competitive pressures on companies large and small. To survive in business today, you must be online.
But being online--and making it profitable--means much more than throwing up a Web site and announcing, "We're digital." It means being alert to the experiences of E-business pioneers, and being ready to apply their hard-won lessons to your own sales and marketing channels.
Cyber Rules is designed to help you do that. Written by the founders of Siebel Systems, Inc., the global leader in Enterprise Relationship Management software applications, it summarizes the dramatic history of the Web's "first generation," explains six critical rules governing electronic commerce, and provides expert detailed advice for implementing a digital strategy.
Whether you're still eyeing the E-business frontier or are already reaping its rewards, Cyber Rules will give you a distinctively insider's perspective on this radical new market space.

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