Consultative Selling: Advanced Sixth Edition. The Mack Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels


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By: Mack Hanan

Written by the author of Consultative Budgeting and Key Account Selling, this book explains to the salesperson that you are no longer a vendor, out to sell a customer its product.  You are a consultant, out to help your client's business grow.
This revised edition includes:

  • Updated case histories
  • A new and improved emphasis on how to sell
  • Technology and technology-based products or services
  • Services and service-based businesses
  • Outsourced services and contracted-out projects
  • Business and process re-engineering systems

It also explains in more detail than ever before how to:

  • Use project management skills
  • Win the competitions against other consultative sellers
  • Meet customer productivity and quality requirements
  • Meet customer requirements for cost control and predictable cash flow and set up solid business partnerships that exclude competitors

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