Beyond Price


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By: Mary Kay Plantes

Commoditization is the gravitational force pulling competing products and services down to the same level, until price determines which company wins and loses customers. Beyond Pricewill teach readers how to innovate their business models to escape the gravity of commoditization and price-driven competition.
Business leaders will find immediate value in this systematic guide to transforming a company from one-of-many to one-of-a-kind, a company whose offerings competitors will find hard to copy and customers will feel excited to discover. A strategically differentiated business model, executed effectively, will create:

  • Customers willing to pay a premium for a product
  • Long-term relationships with customers and suppliers
  • A collaborative environment focused on shared goals of where and how to win business
  • Faster decisions about how and when to pursue opportunities
  • Better resource leveraging through clear direction and focus

A well-defined roadmap to building a thriving business, Beyond Price identifies and integrates all the areas of change, beyond strategy, leaders must address to break out of and stay out of commodity competition.
Praise for Beyond Price:
'Change is continuous and accelerating; the old strategies don't cut it! Beyond Price provides leaders with a guide to both deal with this reality and build a high-growth business' --Richard Teerlink, retired chairman and CEO, Harley-Davidson
'Beyond Price provides pragmatic steps and principles all leadership teams should follow to avoid price-driven competition and to develop a differentiated position in the marketplace.' --Nick Meriggioloi, president, Oscar Mayer, a division of Kraft Foods
'Beyond Price is an amazing book that shows any leader how to think like a change agent and bring about a game-changing strategic shift. This book is a totally original approach to the dilemma of running a commodity business. Any business leader can put it to work without difficulty. This isn't a book of business platitudes; it's a book showing you how to ask a whole different set of questions about the business you are in to launch a new era of competitive strength and profitability.' --Robert Beeby, retired CEO, Frito-Lay; retired CEO, Pepsi-Cola International; retired CEO, Wilson Sporting Goods.

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